Anti-Trojan Elite 4.7.9

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Anti-Trojan Elite 4.7.9

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Anti-Trojan Elite™ (ATE) is a malware remover, it can detect and clean malware in disk or memory. Malware is software designed specifically to damage or disrupt a system, such as a trojan horse, a spyware or a keylogger. ATE contains a Real-Time File Firewall, it monitor system and clean malwares immediately. It is also a system security tools, you can view and control processes and TCP/IP network connections.
Anti Trojan Elite provide a real-time malware firewall for user, once a trojan or keylogger would been loaded, the ATE can detect, block and then clean it in time. The ATE can detect more than 35000 trojans, worms and keyloggers currently, and the number ofmalware ATE could clean is growing up very quickly, we collect world-wide malwares, user can using our auto live update feature to get the power to clean these new malwares in time.

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